Artificial Quartz Surfaces

Arterra Stones™

Arterra Stones™ by Prasheel is a range of high-quality and extremely durable quartz surfaces that can be used in the spaces where traffic and daily usage is more prominent. Arterra Stones™ is available in endless colour possibilites.

Arterra Stones™ is natural quartz created to provide colour and texture for wide variety of applications.

Porcelain and Ceramic Surfaces


Porcelam™ by Prasheel is a range of ultracompact, extremely durable and versatile porcelain and ceramic surfaces that have endless application possibilites. It is manufactured using a sophisticated mixture of several minerals extracted from the nature.

Porcelam™ mimics in a few hours what nature takes thousands of years through the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

Discover Prasheel

PRASHEEL GROUP is a global family-owned Indian business organization that is involved in the infrastructure development and the distribution and supply of highly versatile and innovative building materials for the world of design and architecture. Thanks to its skilled professionals, Prasheel Group is able to inspire people through innovative surfaces and provide one-stop building materials procurement to the doorstep delivery to its diverse clientele all over the world.

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