Arterra Stones™; High-Quality and Extremely Durable Quartz Surfaces

Arterra Stones™ by Prasheel is a range of high-quality and extremely durable quartz surfaces that can be used in the spaces like bathroom, kitchen, and other spaces where traffic and daily usage is more prominent. Arterra Stones™ is available in endless colour possibilities.

The advantages of Arterra Stones™ are numerous. It is low maintenance and resistant to stains and scratches, as well as a low liquid absorption rate. Arterra’s nearly indestructible surface is stain, scorch, and scratch resistant. With a very low absorption index and a minimal number of joints, Arterra Stones™ is perfect for spaces where liquid exists. Arterra Stones™ is resistant and continues to be enjoyed over time, going beyond the surface.

It is manufactured in a wide range of colours and various formats making it highly versatile. Colours range from muted tones that are generally associated with natural stone to vibrant colours that are not found in nature. It is also malleable enough to be used in large pieces without requiring joints. Arterra Stones™ is a perfect choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, flooring, cladding, and unlimited applications.


Latest Colours

  • Luxura Primera
  • Multichrome
  • Nebular
  • Luxura Eternal

Why Arterra Stones?

With extraordinary technology, consistent dedication, and careful delicacy, Arterra Stones™ comes a long way to deliver ultra-luxurious and world-class Quartz Surfaces. Through strategic partnerships with the renowned organizations in the country, Prasheel strives to provide the best-in-class and impeccable products to its clientele. Bring an aesthetically pleasing and stylish range of Quartz Surfaces to your spaces be it home, office, restaurants, etc. Arterra Stones™ is a smart design solution with lasting appeal.



Arterra Stones™ is Natural Quartz created to provide colour and texture for bath and kitchen surfaces. Thanks to its physical and chemical properties, a result of years of investigation, it provides maximum hygiene and safety.

Resistant to Stains

Arterra Stones™ is a virtually non-porous surface which is highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, oil, vinegar, make-up and many other daily-use products.

Resistant to Acid & Scratching

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals that exist. This makes our products very durable, with a high level of resistance to external damage.

Resistant to Impacts

Arterra Stones™’s high level of resistance to impacts allows very hard objects (pots, trays, etc.) to be handled with total ease.

Repels Liquid

Cleaning has never been easier thanks to this superior stain-resistant surface.

Intense Colours

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, colours are more authentic and intense

Shinier Surface

Arterra Stones™ now shines more than ever. State-of-the-art Technology creates a more even surface, causing light to reflect off it more intensely.



Arterra Stones™ is available in slabs upto 138x78in.

Custom sized slabs are also available based on MOQ.

Jumbo and
Super Jumbo Sizes

Prasheel is one of the few companies to offer quartz slabs in Jumbo (126x63 in) and Super Jumbo (138x78 in) formats. These formats allow the creation of large surfaces with a minimum number of joints. It allows versatility of design and greater hygiene. It allows the manufacture of large islands in just one piece. This way, we optimize the use of the slab and reduce wastage



Arterra Stones™ slabs are solid in thicknesses of 2 and 3cm. Different pieces can also be combined to create thicker edges.

We transform spaces that inspire people

Arterra Stones™, due to its exceptional properties and availability of a diverse range of colours, has set a major trend in the market, transforming the world of countertops and setting a benchmark in the architecture and interior design.

Enjoy creating your home with the limitless possibilities with Arterra Stones™ and be your best designer.



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