PRASHEEL GROUP is a global family-owned Indian business organization that is involved in the infrastructure development and the distribution and supply of highly versatile and innovative building materials for the world of design and architecture. Thanks to its skilled professionals, Prasheel Group is able to inspire people through innovative surfaces and provide one-stop building materials procurement to the doorstep delivery to its diverse clientele all over the world. Through strategic partnerships with multiple high-profile producers in the country in the Quartz Slab and Porcelain Surface industries, we are able to provide impeccable and best-in-class surfaces to our customers.

Prasheel Group has been in the infrastructure business since 1999. It undertakes EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) Contracts to carry out major infrastructure projects under the various Central and State Government Departments in India. Today, with a solid presence of our company in many business verticals backed by a dedicated team, we take immense pride in the services offered by us. With the rock-solid commitment of our team and the vision of our founders, we have been able to excel in many milestones in multiple fields.


We intend to design and deliver truly pioneering products that cater to the customized needs of our diverse clientele. We aspire to be a leading company that, together with our clients, responsibly imagines and anticipates high-value, innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design.

With the onset of globalization, the entire world has come into the reach of every individual, and thus, on a long-term basis, we plan on becoming a global leader in the surfaces market via our brands, offering innovative architectural solutions that provide design, value, and inspiration to our client’s lives.


Cutting across the boundaries between the past and the present; ancient and modern; traditional and contemporary, we guarantee uniqueness and satisfaction. Through rock-solid expertise and know-how as well as the unique heritage of skill, passion, and effciency driven by the desire to satisfy every customer’s needs to the fullest, we are able to innovate the best of designs, thus inspiring to excel in quality production.

With a sharp eye on every point of the process, we wish to elevate product quality and standards. We try to plant the company motives into the minds of our team members so that we can get desired output at every step of the process.


At Prasheel, we are committed to providing high quality products and services to our customers and we believe that change is made when we all work together.

As such, we have joined hands with the industry leading producers with world class machineries which makes sure the products we deliver are a class apart. Our Quality Control team inspects the material with industry leading methodology which in turn filters the best of the best product.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction has always been at the core of Prasheel. With a dedicated and passionate team backed by the world class machineries, we work consistently to offer impeccable and end-to-end services and the most innovative and reliable products in the surface industry.


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