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Why Own a Franchise?


Sole Ownership

Open a franchise anywhere near you, without any competitor in your defined territory, reaping the benefits of revenue generation. It’s a splendid opportunity to practice your business with zero competitors to block your business growth and progress.


Get Business Leads

While you focus on growing your business, we join hands to boost your business exponentially. Whether we receive a customer from your locality or a potential customer from your locality contacts us, we will point him towards you. Hence franchising with us opens to unlimited possibilities and growth.


Support Offered

We provide you with an all-encompassing range of quality business products for all your marketing purposes that speak directly to the demands of your locality. These include sample boxes, catalogs, banners, cooperative advertising, and every other necessary tangible and tool for marketing.


Agreement & Certification

Get an authorized franchise agreement from a well-established brand with a trusted company. Also, we grant you a franchisee certificate with exclusive rights of owning a Prasheel showroom. This way you can experience full-fledged partnership and transparency in business.


Instructions & Guidance

We help you in every step so you can count on us. We make sure you get right on track with the knowledge of our products and resources that helps you to lead the market with excellence. Our guidance and on-time mentorship make you grow along with our company. Explore various training methods to expand on skills and knowledge that lead your franchisee to success.


Perks of Partnership

A partnership rooted in growth and success We are the brand with good financial positions and reputations to beat the competition, sufficient quantity of products to supply the demand, and along with these, your efforts receive the recognition they deserve. Each franchisee is entitled to receive rewards based on the overall performance & good sales record.


Lucrative Credit Facilities

We believe in treating franchisees like partners and clients like family. This motto of Prasheel extends credit facilities to you depending on the consistency of sales, performance, and an impressive track record observed and analyzed by us over a period, based on the company policies.


Unified Branding

It is important to maintain branding consistency to succeed as a franchisee. We help to establish a sense of professionalism and build confidence with customers. As a result, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and gain trust within the market. We also help with the brand establishment at your location along with the freedom to try your own experiments and strategies.


Trust Values

With a trusted legacy of two decades, Prasheel is valued for its commitment and transparency in the industry. Our expertise is matriculated based on consumer insights and business acumen. Therefore, you will experience a rewarding association with us.


Prasheel Promises

We provide you with quality surface products that are strain/scratch resistant, durable, hassle-free, shock, and heat resistant, and have a long-lasting sheen. Such an experience further ensures optimum sales growth and satisfactory customer relations. Our products speak for themselves when it comes to quality.


Incentive Programs

Our incentive programs help both franchisor and franchisee to promote business and overall growth. Along with the perks of joining our franchise system, you get an array of exciting offers, marketing expenditure contribution, and encouragement towards your dedication and commitment. This is available to every franchisee based on overall performance and target achievements defined by the brand.

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