What is Porcelam™

Stone Unravelled

Porcelam™ by Prasheel is a range of ultracompact, extremely durable and versatile porcelain and ceramic surfaces that have endless application possibilites. It is manufactured using a sophisticated mixture of several minerals extracted from the nature.



Ultracompact, Extremely Durable and Highly Versatile
Porcelain and Ceramic Surfaces

Porcelam is
Engineered Stone

Porcelam™ is crafted using the latest state-of- the-art manufacturing process which sinters all the necessary natural minerals making them bond with each other, thus changing and compacting their internal structure. The process is analogous to the highly accelerated process of metamorphic changes that natural stone goes through when exposed to high temperature and pressure for quite a longer period of time.

Porcelam is
Versatile Surface

Porcelam™ is a compact artificial surface with some of the best advantages that make it a perfect fit to be used as an all-purpose surface.

The availability of a wide range of colours and surface finishes along with the exceptional benefits make Porcelam™ a versatile surface.

Porcelam is Ultracompact

Porcelam™ mimics in a few hours what nature takes thousands of years through the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

Porcelam™’s manufacturing process allows for the creation of a material with virtual zero porosity and gives it properties that set it apart from other materials.



Porcelam™ is a compact artificial surface with some of the best advantages that make it a perfect fit to be used as an all-purpose surface.

Heat Resistant

Porcelam™ is resistant to high temperatures, UV rays, and heat which make it a perfect fit for a wide range of spaces.

Resistant to Stains

The virtual zero surface porosity of the Porcelam™ panel makes is highly resistant to stains. This makes it a good fit for a variety of applications

Scratch & Abrasion Resistant

Porcelam™ is highly resistant to abrasion and scratches. Thanks to its virtual zero porosity, Porcelam™ slabs are a perfect fit for kitchen, bathroom, flooring, cladding etc.

Liquid Resistant

The highly durable and non-porous surface of Porcelam™ is resistant to liquids. This property makes Porcelam™ an ideal surface for the kitchen and bathroom aplications.

UV Resistant

Porcelam™ is resistant to the powerful UV radiations. Its colour and texture does not change when exposed to the sunlight for a longer period of time hence making it an ideal surface for outdoor applications



Porcelam™ is available in a wide range of size portfolio. From the large format 120x240cm to the small format 60x60cm (and even 30x60cm), there’s something for every application.

Specialized formats for specialized applications


Large Format Slabs

For tops such as Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Tops, Vanity Tops etc, Porcelam™ is available in 80x320cm, 120x320cm, and 160x320cm in 15mm thickness.

Outdoor Paving

R-11 Anti Skid Surface

Porcelam™ is available in 60x60cm and 60x90cm for the application of outdoor pocelain paving in 20mm thickness

Wooden Flooring

Wood Alike Panels

For those that are avid fans of wooden flooring but want the durability of Porcelain Surfaces, Porcelam™ is available in 20x120cm and 30x120cm with wood like texture



Porcelam™ is generally available in thickness of 9mm. For outdoor paving applications, Porcelam™ is available in 20mm thickness with the size options of 60x60cm and 60x90cm.

For kitchen countertop applications, Porcelam™ is available in 15mm thickness in the formats of 80x320cm, 120x320cm, and 160x320cm.


Surface Textures

Porcelam™ panels are available in a wide range of surface textures. For the general purpose flooring applications, Polished, High Gloss and Super High Gloss textures are quite ideal. Then there are Matte and Carving textures that are also quite popular for the contemporary flooring applications. Matte and Carving textures are however more prominent for the applications that remain more wet with the water and liquids.

Porcelam™ is available in a wide range of colour options for every surface texture so there’s something for every application.

Polished Texture

High Gloss Texture

Super High Gloss Texture

Matte Texture

Carving Texture

Silk Texture

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