Porcelam™ Applications

Thanks to its out of class and remarkable characteristics, Porcelam™ is the ideal surface choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Floor and Wall Coverings

Porcelam™ is available in a wide range of sizes which makes the creation of spaces of almost every scale much more easier and cost efficient. With a wide range of available colour portfolio, Porelam™ fits seamlessly into every different design styles.

Porcelam™ possesses all the qualities that are required by every end consumer. The surface of Porcelam™ slabs is clean and nice to touch and feel and is resistant to the daily wear and tear that takes place in the spaces over a long period of use. It is an ultra-sophisticated material that never fails to craft spaces that create a pleasant experience forever

It represents beauty and solidity with easy, fuss-free cleaning. The “highly resistant to everything” surface of Porcelam™ slabs makes the spaces much more enjoyable without any restrictions. The structural composition and density of Porcelam™ slabs are the key aspects that make it different from the other contemporary materials.

Bathroom Wall Coverings and Tops

Ultimate choice for elegant bathroom coverings

The only place in home where there should be hygiene along with harmony is the bathroom. Besides, the surface of the material used to cover bathroom walls and floors should be highly resistant to slip as it is one of the places where there are high chances of accident due to slipping on water.

Porcelam™, due to its low porosity, is highly waterproof against liquids. The Matte and Carving surfaces of Porcelam™ are highly preferred for the bathroom wall and floor covering applications because the water glides smoothly over the surface without penetrating. This results in a surface that is highly slip resistant.

This, along with unchanging beauty, results in extremely easy cleaning. Also, there are a lot of colour options to choose from the Matte and Carving surface which makes Porcelam™ an ideal choice to dress your bathroom.

Outdoor Porcelain Paving

R11 Anti-Skid surface for outdoor paving application

Natural Stones like limestone, sandstone etc. have been used as outdoor paving for quite a long time. The problem with natural stones to be used as outdoor paving is the limitations of available colour options. Also, natural stones tend to change their colour tone if exposed to the UV rays for an extended period of time.

Porcelam™’s 20mm outdoor porcelain is an ideal substitute for the natural stones for outdoor paving applications. The surface is R11 Anti-Skid and the available colour options is quite huge which makes the selection easier for the consumer. Porcelam™’s outdoor paving is available in 60x60cm and 60x90cm.

Kitchen Countertops

Porcelam™’s highly resistant benefits makes it an ideal and long term product for those looking to turn their kitchen into a unique space.

Another benefit is the available of large format slabs which allows you to have installation in one single piece with fewer cuts and joints. This makes the countertop look uniform and seamless.

Besides this, the surface of Porcelam™ is easy to clean and resistant to everyday daily grind that happens in the kitchen. Porcelam™’s surface is hygienic and low porous which makes it a perfect fit for kitchen tops. Porcelam™ for kitchen is available in formats that allows for the creation of countertops with minimum wastage.

  • Available sizes:

    80x320cm, 120x320cm, 160x320cm

  • Available thickness:


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