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Alpine Winter

Arterra Stones - Nebular

Alpine Winter

Alpine Winter

Arterra Stones - Nebular

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Finishes Available:

  • Polished
  • Vibrant and intense colours and reflections.


  • 2.0 cm
  • 3.0 cm


  • Jumbo - 320 x 160 cm

Other Properties:

  • Base Colour:
  • Look:
    Natural Styles

Full Slab View of Alpine Winter

Alpine Winter

Why you should choose the Alpine Winter by Arterra Stones

Arterra Stones™ is Natural Quartz created to provide colour and texture for bath and kitchen surfaces. Thanks to its physical and chemical properties, a result of years of investigation, it provides maximum hygiene and safety.

Arterra Stones™, due to its exceptional properties and availability of a diverse range of colours, has set a major trend in the market, transforming the world of countertops and setting a benchmark in the architecture and interior design.

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